April 25, 2001 - While we continue to wait for our initial "confirmed" report of fresh fish entering Massachusetts coastal waters, we thought we would bring our readers up to date regarding the 2001 size restrictions on striped bass for the northeast states:

New Jersey- Slot 24-28"- 1 fish, 28" and above-1 fish.
New York- 1 fish, 28" and above.
Connecticut- Slot 24-32"- 1 fish, 41" and above-1 fish
Rhode Island- 2 fish, 28" and above
Massachusetts- 1 fish, 28" and above.
New Hampshire- l fish, 32" and above.
Maine- 1 fish, 20-26" or 1 fish 40" and above.

This should clear up any confusion you may have concerning this subject.

With the exception of a few scattered, mediocre reports, saltwater angler’s are experiencing very limited success to our south, but this should change by the weekend. Warmer than normal air temperatures and this moderating weather pattern will aid in accelerating the migratory process, which is already a few weeks in arrears. Favorite early season haunts to our south remain: The Coles River and Lees River in Swansea, MA, Mill Gut in Colt State Park and the Kickamuit River in Bristol, RI, and the Narrows River in Narragansett. All areas are within a short drive of central Massachusetts and offer suitable wading opportunities and should be producing modest results in a few days. Evening fishing (from dusk till dark) will generally yield the best outcome for shore restricted long rodders.

Atlantic herring populations continue to increase in all of the Cape’s predominant runs. This is encouraging news since this event is usually accompanied by the first surge of migrating schoolies shortly thereafter. Generally speaking this spawning ritual should reach peak around Memorial Day and subsequently taper during the initial week of June, which also coincides with the Shad migration calendar on the Connecticut River watershed.

The week of April 28th through May 6th should mark the arrival of considerable numbers of school fish, particularly on the south side of Cape Cod. We realize that it’s been a incorrigible early spring due to late season snowfall and colder than normal air/water temperatures but these climatic episodes tend to modify over time. I assure you our next report will offer a more promising perspective to what should be an epic season.

April 6th - Donned Hawaiian shirt at dinner
April 10th - UPS delivery man models shorts for the first time
April 15th - Bugs splattered on windshield during commute
April 16th - Ice-out on Long Pond in Rutland
April 17th - First ants detected in kitchen
April/May ??? - First fresh fish landed in the Bass River

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Good fishing and safe wading,


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