July 30, 1999 - Here we go again. As the month of July draws to a close then it must be foggy in Chatham, RIGHT ?

Finally caught a premo tide Sunday and made a vein attempt at sight fishing the South Beach flats this weekend past, not ! It is absolutely impossible to succeed at sight fishing when there is no sight, DUH ! Despite the haze and occasional periods of thick fog I did manage to entice 3 or 4 decent fish blind casting grassy areas, made somewhat anticlimactic by the fact that every time I delivered a cast it seemed there were 30 or 40 stripers at my feet staring up as if to say "What the hell does this guy think he’s doing ?" As a side bar I’ll go on record as being witness to the most amazing amount of juvenile sand eels I have ever run across while wading. Terns were literally working the immediate area non-stop throughout the entire day, now if I could only see them !

Sage rep Brad Gage accompanied by Teton reel rep Bill Senecal encountered the same conditions on Monday while being guided by Chris Jop. Their toil was made bearable by the presence of countless numbers of harbor bluefish (1-3lbs.) that kept the flyrodders entertained for hours despite the unfavorable conditions. While were on the subject, is it me or is there an extraordinary amount of bluefish around this summer? The nice thing about it is they seem to be present in a number of uncharacteristic locations and in a variety of year classes. Could bode well for the future should the striper fishery lose steam.

Mark Kralian of Grafton recently enjoyed a great day on the water guided by Captain Kevin Coakley. While fishing the "inner" path out of Wellfleet he was able to entice a number of linesiders in the 20-26"class. On occasion, Kevin is also experiencing huge numbers of bluefish bayside, more testimony as to their resurgence.

Brewster resident, John Amiro, while fishing out of his boat "No-Name" has been recording his best year ever. John frequents the east bar of Barnstable harbor and the bayside beaches of Dennis, namely, Chapin, Mayflower and Corporation. Mr. Amiro keeps an active log, an endeavor we highly recommend, and size and quantity to date have exceeded every previous year.

Incidentally we have received our initial allotment of Ken Abrames’ new book "A Perfect Fish Illusions in Fly Tying" which retails for $29.95. We would strongly recommend you pick up a copy even if your not a fly tyer. It is jammed packed with patterns, illustrations, and observations from one of our local experts. This book is destined to take it’s place alongside "Inshore Flyfishing" and "Flyrodding the Coast" as suggested reading for every striper fisherman worldwide.

Good fishing and safe wading,


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