October 15, 2002 - Granted things have been a bit spotty lately but that seems to be the reoccurring theme as we drift into the bowels of yet another New England autumn. While many of our river mouths and tidal estuaries still harbor their share of school bass and bluefish, surf folks have been hampered somewhat by dismal weather conditions (particularly on weekends).

Despite the prospects of our initial ďnor eastahĒ of the fall season scheduled for mid week, we would expect our bread and butter fishery (bass and bluefish) to assume a more predictable pattern in itís wake. I fear that this event has the potential to signal the demise of the inshore exotic season, at least along the Massachusetts coastline.

Unlike other transients, bonito and false albacore seem to vanish at a predetermined time, on a predetermined date, only to reappear during the ebbing summer of the ensuing year. This is never the case with stripers, as we will expect to entertain tales of success well into the month of November.

Lately it has been find the birds, find the bait, and you will find the fish. This is so typical of late season angling. While it is always difficult to suggest a location that offers potential success, it becomes even more of a challenge as we enter what remains of the month of October. When fishable, our south facing surfside beaches are still offering some pretty reliable angling, however you must always maintain an alternative strategy. It is quite common for one particular beach to be void of fish, while another, within immediate proximity, revels in the rapture of a full-scale blitz.

We would expect the bay side tidal rivers and beaches to offer good opportunity at least for another few weeks prior to submitting for the season. If you are a bit apprehensive concerning the prospects of a fall pilgrimage, keep in mind that our long, long winter looms in the offing.

Good fishing and safe wading,


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