July 31, 2004 - Phil Perry is a fly fisherman, passionate as they come. He is at home on rivers, lakes and oceans either sweet or salt. A few months ago Phil fell victim to a nasty fall on his property in Rutland. When the smoke cleared, in his own words "I was technically dead." As his bodily systems began to shut down one at a time even the most optimistic gave him little hope for a full recovery. Fly-fishing and his enjoyment of the outdoors were the farthest things from his mind as he literally waged a battle for his life.

In the months to come, with constant care and the support of family and friends, Phil progressively began to show signs of improvement. It was a long and painful process to regain his strength both physically and emotionally.

A few weeks ago the Rutland Sportsman's Club held a successful benefit to raise funds for his family leading Perry to spawn the comment, "I have a lot of support."

This story has a happy ending. An intense program of physical therapy and rest has restored his body and soul. Recently a svelte (that's a hell of a weight loss program) Perry bounded into the Lower Forty as spirited and full of life as ever, showing only the slightest residue of the unpleasant affair. Accompanied by a friend, he was off to enjoy his first fishing trip of the season. Phil, we wish you nothing but the best.

While I go a DNC (did not cast) due to just plain sloppy weather on Sunday, it seems many other fly anglers are enjoying a pretty fair summer season.
Add the name of Tony Irarragorri to the 40-inch club. A recent outing netted the angler a 42" striper, the largest of his career. The water adjacent to South Beach and the western boundary of Nauset in Chatham continue to give up impressive catches. The summer doldrums have had little effect on the fishery as cooler than normal water has prevailed for most of the summer. Our last column outlined the methods used to pursue stripers under summertime conditions and they continue to serve anglers well.

Tibor Reel Co. won an award from the International Game Fish Association for most world records set on the company's fly reels in 2003. Tibor reels were used in 37 world record catches.

The award was presented at IGFA's Inaugural World Record Achievement Awards in March at the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame Museum in Dania Beach, Florida.

Bob Kramer, president of IGFA, presented the First Place Award for Fly Reels to Ted Juracsik Sr., founder and president of Tibor Reels.

Good fishing and safe wading,

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