August 4, 2005 - Seems like no matter who we've spoken with during the previous few weeks virtually every angler has had an encounter with bluefish.

Len Renauld of Sterling, Mass. recounted a recent experience that had him surface fishing with poppers adjacent to the rips off the southern tip of South Monomoy and catching 8-10 lb. bulefish to the point of exhaustion.

As is his custom, John Amiro of Brewster, Mass. has been canvassing the real estate between Brewster Flats and the "ugly house" that is located just east of Duck Harbor in Wellfleet, Mass. and pretty much finding similar action. Here too the fish have been averaging 10lbs with the heaviest concentration just off the First Encounter beachfront.

Capt. Kevin Coakley (508.349.0951), who is a light tackle, shallow water guide out of Wellfleet Harbor (the ramp remains closed by the way and could remain so for the balance of the summer) is reporting similar action and has had no problem getting his sports on to bluefish. Throw a striper or two in the mix and you have the ultimate north Atlantic experience. The focus of his attention has been Sunken Meadow to Provincetown Harbor in water often no deeper than 6 feet.

Along with BFT's and the occasional bonito, immature menhaden commonly referred to as "baby bunker" have entered the system and should remain forage for virtually every game species throughout the balance of the fishing season. They will be an important baitfish to mimic and can often be observed forming giant bait balls while entertaining predators from beneath.

Many anglers were beginning to wonder if was ever going to happen! Put your minds at ease as the vast schools of legal stripers (along with immense numbers of sand eels) have returned to the waters off Chatham Light. If you're a dedicated fly rodder don't expect to amble out of harbor at mid morning and expect to experience premier fishing. It's not going to happen. The best plan of attack is to be on the water well before dawn armed with fly rods capable of supporting 400-500 gain lines. This combination is ample enough to seek the bottom in 30-40 feet of water.

Good fishing and safe wading,

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