August 18, 2005 - This summer season is certainly reminiscent of 2003. That year will go down in history as "the year of the broken 12 wt." Fly anglers were repeatedly trashing their tarpon rods while in quest of school blue fin tuna. While an 11 or 12 weight rod is capable of taming fish up to about 30 pounds, it is absolutely no match for fish exceeding 50, as we have found out.

Thus far, this season, we have returned countless 9 and 10 weight striper rods to repair departments as the burgeoning north Atlantic BFT fishery continues to lure striper and bluefish zealots. Most of these anglers are ignorant of the power and cunning these great game fish possess and are learning their lessons the hard way, while trashing equipment in the process.

Three quick tips that may help you once you've put the stainless steel to one of these animals… 1) avoid high sticking when the fish comes into view, particularly during their Cuban death spiral, 2) during the initial run make sure to point your rod almost directly at the tuna to minimize stress while the rod is in maximum flex, and 3) once battle is engaged your fishing companion should get involved in the action and aid you in any way possible.

While we're on the subject, the SBFT season has been nothing short of spectacular. School fish are being encountered anywhere from ½ mile to 3 miles off the southern coast of New England with heavy concentrations between Point Judith and Newport, Rhode Island.

A good summer source of information has always been Captain Kevin Coakley who guides out of Wellfleet. (Incidentally at last check the Wellfleet boat ramp remains under construction and is temporarily out of commission) The focus of our most recent conversation was the many large bluefish that are occupying the shallow water environs between First Encounter Beach in Eastham and the Pamet River in Truro. Fish seem to be mostly in the 8-10 pound range with occasional groups running to 12. At times these summer fish will display remarkable selectivity despite their reputation for being voracious feeders.

As you may be aware the lodge we represent, El Pescador, located on Ambergris Caye in Belize is offering some very attractive packages for the fall season (pay for 1 receive 2 on room occupancy). This can be an excellent time of year as far as the fishing is concerned. Should you need a quote feel free to contact us at

Good fishing and safe wading,

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