May 20, 2008 - I really can't recall a year when early season intelligence has run the gamut from epic results, to not a look, and everything in between. I personally introduced Central Massachusetts TU president, Larry Bush to the headwaters of the Bass River in Yarmouth on Saturday and found copious numbers of fish, eager to harass our surface offerings from the get go. While employing a cadre of sliders, divers, gurglers and crease flies it wasn't difficult to encourage residents (mostly in the 16-22"range) to attack our offerings from 5:30PM on into darkness and beyond.

The weekend brought a little frustration to Mark Kralian and "Big Dave" Surdel at they canvassed Brewster Flats on Sunday. The duo witnessed a colossal sand eel hatch and to paraphrase Mark "I saw more stripers today than at any time in my life." The intensity of the hatch led to a disappointing outing as only a paltry few striped bass were brought to hand.

During the weekend I also bumped into the Halley brothers as they retreated from the infamous "Bathtub" in Chatham. The morning had offered some outstanding angling in the upper reaches of the Oyster River while the "Tub" had the numbers but the size was lacking. A boater took up station in the center of the bay and seemed to be taking his share of micros as well. The Halley boys also reported the presence of shad in vast numbers throughout the bathtub and extending beyond the stairs at the weather station.

Craig Masterson of Paxton enjoyed some pretty decent angling along the outer surf beaches of Eastham.

While we have received numerous reports of fly anglers corralling bluefish along the south facing beaches of Cotuit, Mashpee and Falmouth, we have yet to receive confirmation of their presence in the Chatham area despite the availability of sufficient bait. The theory being bandied about is the colder than normal surface temperature and inconsistent weather pattern.

For every good report we have received there seems to be a corresponding dismal one as water temperature seem to be stagnating in the mid to high 50's.

Good fishing and safe wading,

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