June 26, 2008 - The throng of blue fin tuna that arrived about a week ago in Cape Cod Bay seems to have disbursed creating some challenging fishing for off shore fly anglers. Ask any BFT zealot and he will admit that pursuing these resourceful animals is uncertain at best, made even more difficult as they scatter throughout the north Atlantic. We have fielded countless theories from accomplished anglers as to their migration patterns and feeding habits that in some way, always seems to get discredited. As a group of concerned and dedicated fly anglers we are still learning more and more with each passing season.

With the striped bass season in full swing there has been no shortage of willing participants. The common thread that seems pervasive among fly anglers is the health of the animals being temporarily detained. While canvassing Brewster Flats this past Sunday with good friend Len (Fishing Machine) Renauld we witnessed specimens just north of 24 inches consume 50 or so yards of backing with their initial sprint, surprising the two veteran anglers clinging to the mechanical end of the gear.

Spirited bluefish averaging 10-13lbs. can be located from First Encounter Beach in Eastham to Jeremy Point in Wellflett and require only token investigation to uncover. The water depth in this area is in the general vicinity of 10'or less and begs for a surface offering. Gurglers, sliders, crease flies and poppers will often encourage dynamic surface attacks as marauding groups peruse the terrain. Unlike a striped bass that will often assume a feeding posture in a current tongue or in the proximity of structure, these animals are in constant motion. The more portly specimens have been observed in groups of no more than 10 or 12 individuals. A 9 or a 10 wt. confrontation will oftentimes lead to a 15 or 20-minute episode of extreme bliss as these shallow water bluefish elevate well above the water surface in an attempt to extricate themselves from incarceration. We recommend a trace (12-15 inches) of 26lb. American Fishing Wire in camo manufactured by Surflon when in pursuit of bluefish. It is incredibly strong, abrasion resistant, limp, kink resistant and more importantly knottable.

Good fishing and safe wading,

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