May 22, 2009 - Despite the somewhat inauspicious early season we look for conditions to rapidly improve as we proceed toward June. Thus far we've been experiencing a "here today, gone tomorrow" mantra, a sentiment all to common with early season angling.

On a positive note, bluefish are now firmly entrenched along the Cape's south side as well as the islands of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. We would not be surprised to here reports of their presence in the Chatham area to the east and Wellfleet in bay by Memorial Day.

Squid and menhaden remain the major fodder for migrating striped bass and bluefish so without their evidence you will be unlikely to locate willing adversaries. A weak cold front accompanied by scattered showers seemed to dampen success over the past weekend, while the early art of the week saw a substantial push of striped bass enter the Monomoy Refuge environment only to be squelched by the weather.

The Bass River has yet to explode, but with warmer, more consistent weather in the offing, this is sure to change. Look for the next 3-4 weeks to offer the best potential of the season throughout the entire system. The best action often occurs during the low light situations of dawn, dusk and well after dark. Canvassing the many coves, ponds, and backwaters with floating lines in conjunction with surface offerings will often encourage aggressive strikes. Since much of this real estate encompasses relatively shallow water, it's the perfect environment for this ultimate fly rod activity.

I made a half-hearted effort along Pleasant Bay's western shore and drew a skunk. The water temperatures, without question due to the new break, seemed extremely cold and void of any bait. I did not witness a single wading angler nor boat angler during my 2-hour outing.

Good fishing and safe wading,

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