September 10, 2009 - Fresh off a rather disappointing campaign to the rivers of the Gaspe Peninsula in northern Quebec, Lower Forty customer Hank Benjamin has been refocusing his efforts and turning his attention to the salt. A West Falmouth resident, Hank normally spends his late spring and summer leisure time in quest of striped bass along the western coast of Cape Cod and is quite familiar with the water from Nobska Light to Cataumet Rock.

A rather animated Benjamin stopped in the shop recently and, along with a RIO Striper fly line (a prop ate his), grabbed a handful of smaller Bon Bon Baitfish patterns. In the past, Hank has had success employing these rather durable baitfish imitations while in pursuit of hardtails during the latter part of summer and on into the fall. After the initial salutations the conversation always focuses to the meat and potatoes, the fishing.

Seems like old Hank has been canvassing the Old Silver Beach area of West Falmouth from Falmouth Cliffs to Nyes Neck and detecting rather substantial concentrations of both bonito and false albacore. With a bit of patience and a little luck Benjamin has been convincing a number of transients, mostly albies, to masticate his offerings. Summarizing his comments, and judging by the number of migrating hardtails in the vicinity, Benjamin believes it is shaping up to be a decent season, unlike the previous 3 or 4 years. With the warm surface temperatures and abundance of inshore bait he is pretty confident that we are on the cusp of some fantastic fly-fishing opportunities, if it hasn't begun already.

Not being one himself, he does caution weekend warriors to expect plenty of company from the run-and-gun crowd, especially during peak periods. Benjamin has often encountered 100-150 (and believe me this can be a conservative estimate on weekends) boats on pods of fish with little regard for manners. With striped bass, bluefish, false albacore, bonito and the occasional Spanish mackerel to target we are certainly blessed with some of the best fly rod fare in the entire country.

Good fishing and safe wading,

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