July 10, 2010 - Not that it effects fly rodders by any means but the 2010 commercial striped bass quota has been established at 1,128,577 lbs. The commercial season will commence on Tuesday, July 13th and continue until the quota has been realized. The minimum length for a commercially caught striped bass remains at 34 inches and the daily limits are 5 fish on Sunday and 30 fish on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Striped bass may not be harvested, under any method, more than 3 nautical miles from the Massachusetts coastline.

Recently a number of fly rodders have been witnessing substantial numbers of striped bass surface feeding on krill. Since this biomass is somewhat impossible to mimic while employing a single, shrimp-like imitation, we have been privy to a number of very creative fly patterns. The most successful of which has no affiliation with the natural. Smaller sand eel patterns, silversides and even squid patterns have been working to various degrees as well as more conventional shrimp-like offerings. Krill are generally considered at the bottom of the food chain and provides forage for whales, seals, squid and numerous species of fish. Most species display extreme vertical migrations, which become extremely important to the fly fisherman. This behavior provides a food source for predators near the surface during nocturnal periods and periods of restricted light and conversely in deeper water during daylight.

Fly anglers not restricted to wading continue to do quite well on striped bass especially during periods of low light. Things seem to be settling into a more predictable summer drill where it will become critical to pursue your quarry during pre dawn and post dusk periods. Those looking to do some sight fishing to tiger bluefish may want to consider Sunken Meadow and the path, north to the Pamet River.

Good fishing and safe wading,

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