June 15, 2011 - Or has been the case lately, northeast, fishing is least. What many saltwater anglers have been yearning for is a more consistent wind pattern resulting in a more customary south, southwest direction that usually prevails during the latter spring and on into the torrid summer months. While we would honestly rate the fishing good to date we are confident that an extend period of south wind would add a couple of miles an hour to your fastball.

The spring season of 2011 will be remember for it's unpredictability. While we can often put a few seasonable days back-to-back resulting in a noticeable upswing in positive fishing reports, the guarantee of strong N/NE blows and the possibility of cloudbursts has kept many anglers in their easy boys.

These conditions have also hampered shallow water sight fishermen that rely on bright conditions for visibility… no sun … no fish. Longrodders that are hampered by the lack of visibility have been sentenced to blind casting grain lines in drop-offs, depressions and channels; a practice frowned upon by devotees of this challenging form of fly angling.

With the exception of a few random reports of sporadic activity there seems to be a distinct lack of bluefish occupying Cape Cod Bay. It's not uncommon to locate ample schools of choppers from Brewster Flats to Provincetown during late spring periods but this has not been the case during 2011. We are assuming that the weather may have something to do with this phenomenon and only time will tell.

Shore bound sight fishermen had been rating the fishing only fair with a distinct lack of consistency. While anglers may encounter fishable numbers for short slices of time the remaining portion of the outing will often be fishless. The reoccurring theme echoed by virtually every angler that routinely canvasses the flats of south beach, N. Monomoy and South Monomoy is "we need another breakthrough." Thankfully it hasn't affected the Q hogging!

Good fishing and safe wading,

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